Tyler Reed

469.230.9970 | Dallas, TX


To secure a position where I can efficiently contribute my skills and abilities for the growth of the organization and build my professional career, as well as learn new skills to expand my abilities.


Languages & Technologies

PHP 7+ PHP 5.3+ JavaScript 5 JavaScript 6
MySQL MSSQL Sqlite Eloquent
jQuery NodeJS Style CI Travis CI
Blade Sass HTML 5 CSS 3

Paradigms & Principles

Caching SOLID NoSQL Memoize

Tools & Services

Git GitHub Bitbucket SourceTree
Composer NPM Yarn SVN
Stripe Redis Mailgun Twilio
AWS JIRA Sublime Vim

Frameworks & Standards

Laravel 5.6+ Laravel 5.5 Laravel 5.1 Laravel 4.2
Lumen Nova Dusk Telescope
Vue Tailwind Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4
5+ years
3 - 4 years
1 - 2 years
< 1 year

Education & Certifications

University of Texas at Dallas

Bachelors in Computer Science

Courses: Algorithms, AI, Prob & Stats, Security, Networking, OS, Discrete Math

Awarded: August 2015

Richland Colliegiate High School

Associates in Science

Courses: C/C++

Awarded: May 2011

Microsoft Technology Associate

Given for the ability to understand and explain fundamental concepts of Software Development.

Tech: Database, Development, IT Infrastructure

Awarded: June 2014

Employment & Internships

Transworld Systems Inc.

Senior Software Developer

Continued developing software from Halo Co. Responsibilities expanded to include SQL optimization, imports, load balancing, and automated testing.

Skills: Laravel 5.1, Laravel 5.5, PHP 7.1, JavaScript, MSSQL, JWT, SSO, Tailwind, Unit Testing, JIRA, NPM, NoSQL

March 2018 - Current

Halo Companies Inc.

Senior Software Developer

Built a loan servicing software and borrower portal using the Laravel 5.1 Framework. Built architectures such as notifications, nightlies, and payments.

Skills: Laravel 5.1, PHP 5.3, PHP 7.1, JavaScript, MSSQL, Mailgun, Twilio, Queues, PCI, Bootstrap, APIs, AWS

June 2016 - March 2018


Full-Stack Web Developer

Built a custom site from scratch using the Laravel 5.1 and then 5.2 Framework. Used a mobile-first design, and operated using TDD.

Skills: Laravel 5.1, Laravel 5.2, PHP 5.3, JavaScript, Stripe, MySQL, Bootstrap, TDD, WAMP

January 2015 - May 2016

Epimed International

Contract Programmer | Backend Designer

Replaced an analog paper system with a digital one. The implementation yielded a mobile-ready application using the Laravel 4 framework.

Skills: Laravel 4.2, PHP 5.3, JavaScript, MySQL, Bootstrap, Git, SourceTree, Composer, LAMP

September 2014 - December 2014


Game Design Professor

Taught K-12 Students how to program and design games in an Agile environment using Game Maker Software. Created the curriculum.

Skills: Communication, Leadership, Teaching, Flexibility, Documentation, SOLID, MVC, OOP, DRY, KISS

June 2013 - August, June 2014 - August 2014

GM: Studio / CS Private Tutor

Private Tutor for GM: Studio and other CS topics

Taught Students various CS concepts by using a goal-oriented curriculum that was dynamically adjusted for each student's needs.

Skills: Communication, Teaching, Modularity, Documentation, SOLID, OOP, DRY, KISS

August 2014 - January 2015

Projects & Websites

Laravel | Personal Website

My personal website, home to all of my various projects, packages, and other programming toys. Always uses latest software and principals.

Skills: Laravel 5.1 to 5.8, Tailwind, Composer, NPM, Yarn

November 2014 - Current

C++ | Internet Simulation

Simulates a network by having files as network channels. Realistically matches an actual network where nodes use different OSI Layers.

Skills: Modularity, SRP, C/C++, Vim, Software Design

May 2014

Java | Constraint Satisfaction

Solves a generalized Constraint Satisfaction Problem. The problem is solved using various heuristics and consistency procedures.

Skills: Java, Eclipse, AI, Abstraction, Discrete Logic

February 2014 - March 2014

C# | Contact Manager

Kept track of various contacts by storing data in a SQL Database. Stored procedures were used to manage addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Skills: C#, MSSQL, Waterfall, SRS, Visual Studio

September 2013 - December 2013

Activities & Services

Community Moderator

Learned Agile-Programming, Version Control Systems, and programmed games using a wide spectrum of languages and tools.

Skills: Leadership, Project Management, Git, Bitbucket

August 2014 - Current

Habitat for Humanity

Worked in large groups to construct homes for those in need. Learned the value of teamwork. Project planning was observed.

Skills: Leadership, Teamwork

August 2010 - May 2012 60 Hours of Volunteer Work